v. 0.1.1 Release Notes

Our first update, v. 0.1.1 is now live. Here are the release notes:

  • Add Options menu with a few basic options (accessible from Main Menu & Pause Menu). You're welcome, Erin (other Erin).
  • Increased starting health to 3 hearts (previously 2). We have reasons for this. Definitely not because anyone testing is having trouble. Definitely. Not.
  • [Bugfix] Added some logic to prevent crystals from getting caught in upper hallway and thus tantalizingly out of reach.
  • [Bugfix] [Mac OS X] Fixed controllers sometimes not working when first entering the main menu on Mac.
  • [Bugfix] [Mac OS X] Fixed lamps sometimes not being on their proper layer.  Check yoself.
  • Small room balance & xp changes.
  • Music changes, including some main menu music.
  • Updated main menu look a bit - such fancy g r a d i e n t s.

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