Quick note

Hey all - just  a quick note to share here.

We're hard at work on the 0.2 update; anticipating that it should be coming out sometime next week! After we get over whatever goes down when we see Avengers: Endgame, at the very least.

Excited to share as 0.2 will be a major update with a bunch of new content and will bring us closer to our vision of the final game. Expecting right now for there to be a whole new floor (the Library), a couple new enemies, and a first glance at our upgrade system. We'll share full release notes when it goes live.

Thanks to all who have checked it out so far & given their feedback, and a special thanks to everyone who has opted to support us in buying the early access version. As always we appreciate your feedback so don't hesitate to leave a comment in the forum or share on the Discord.

~Matt & Kevin

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