v. 0.2 Release Notes

Our second update, v. 0.2 is now live! This is our first major update - Floor 2, "The Library", is now available and brings with it a few new enemies and many new rooms to conquer. Here's a quick summary of release details:

  • Added Floor 2 "The Library" with new enemies and rooms
  • There are now two game modes to choose from on the main menu: 
    • "New Game" is the normal game mode that uses a save file and in a future update we will be adding progression in this mode via unlockable upgrades.
    •  "Score Attack" tracks your score and in a future update will also have leaderboard functionality so you can compete with other players for the highest score, best time, etc.
  • Many UI, room layout, enemy, and misc. visual tweaks
  • A mysterious figure has arrived in the castle
  • General bug fixes from v. 0.1.1

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